Areas of Practice


Debt Collection.

This firm has extensive experience in civil litigation, which includes debt collection in all of its aspects from processing initial claims, negotiation with debtors, and debtor payment plans to Involuntary proceedings against debtors, including non-judicial and judicial foreclosure of liens, litigation to final judgment, and post-judgment collection through ancillary proceedings of garnishment and levy.

This firm also represents debtors undergoing the debt collection process and can assist with creditor negotiation, avoidance of foreclosure, litigation defense, assertion of defenses to garnishment and levy, and assertion of exemptions to protect property from the reach of collection.

Community Associations.

This firm has extensive experience in representing Common Interest Community associations (townhouse and condominium management associations), including collection of owner assessments through foreclosure or civil litigation, interpretation and implementation of governing documents such as declaration and bylaws, as well as general issues of CIC meetings and governance, negotiation of management agreements, disputes between owners, and insurance claims involving repair of common area property.

 Wills and Probate.

Planning for the disposition of your estate after your death involves the drafting of wills and trusts to deal with the property that does not otherwise pass to your designated beneficiaries by contractual arrangements that you have made in contracts, such as life insurance, IRAs, 401(k) accounts, stock account agreements, transfer on death bank accounts, and other accounts. This firm has extensive experience is making sure that the proper will or trust provisions are drafted to carry out your wishes.

If the estate that you leave at the time of your death exceeds the statutory maximum for a small estate, then a probate court proceeding may be required to appoint a person known as a personal representative or administrator, to collect your estate, carry out the terms of your will, or if you did not make a will, to distribute your estate to your relatives according to Minnesota intestacy laws. This firm is experienced in all aspects of probate law and  proceedings.

Landlord and Tenant.

All aspects of the commercial or residential landlord/tenant relationship require thoughtful and experienced legal representation, which we can provide. Whether it be the drafting of mutually agreeable lease terms before the tenancy has commenced, the resolution of disputes that arise during the term of the lease, or the termination of the lease and the court eviction process, this firm has extensive experience in representing both commercial and residential landlords and tenants.


The drafting, implementation, and enforcement of written contracts require extensive legal knowledge and experience that we can provide. Whether it be for the sale or purchase of a business, sale or purchase of residential or commercial real estate, interpretation or enforcement of employment agreements, termination agreements, or non-compete agreements, this firm will assist you the legal advice and representation that will help achieve your goals.

Civil Litigation.

This firm has extensive experience in civil litigation throughout the State of Minnesota, the federal courts, the United States Circuit Courts of Appeal, and the Supreme Court. Litigation experience and expertise includes insurance claims, automobile accident claims, personal injury claims, unemployment compensation, defense of DUI/unemployment tax cases, collection of unpaid wages and commissions,

Appeals/Appellate Law.

Litigation is often not resolved by the decision of a lower court and it is necessary to litigate cases in a court that has jurisdiction of appeal. Because appellate cases are most often decided exclusively on the evidence and proceedings that occurred in the lower court or agency, the outcome of an appeal almost always depends upon how well your case was presented in the lower court or agency. That is why it is important that your appeal be handled by someone with extensive lower court litigation experience and knowledge. This firm has extensive experience is presenting cases in appellate courts, both state and federal and can advise you on the advisability of an appeal, as well as the arguments that can be made and the results that can be expected at the appellate level.